Volume 1, Chapter 3 Progress

Now that this is a full project, I will be making a proper post for every new Chapter.

As well as a poll! Polls will usually relate to the most recent chapter, but since this translation has just started, I thought I’d ask something a bit more general:

Thanks for reading everyone!

10 thoughts on “Volume 1, Chapter 3 Progress

  1. The abilities of Jin, Chihiro and Sorata seem to all be on equal terms of awesomeness….. how does one choose…. wait, I got it, If I had Chihiro’s I could indulge myself in Otaku culture while working and not get penalized for it!

  2. Get Ryuunosuke programming abilities So you can pay to “get stuck in the middle of weird girls who have no qualms about stripping in front of you. Also, cats.” And PROFIT 😀

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