Just to Make Myself Clear

I’ve been getting a slow trickle of comments from Baka-Tsuki readers lately, recommending that I stop this translation in deference to the ongoing translation on Baka-Tsuki. I want to address these comments personally.

First off, I just want to say that it is ridiculous for anyone, especially readers, to brazenly tell a translator to his/her face that he/she should drop a project. Would you like me to apologize for spending my own time (lots of time, mind you) and my own money at no expense to the readers? Have we really reached such a low point where people are so spoiled that they can be picky about getting stuff for free? My my.

And do not tell me that I am “re-translating” something. There is nothing sacred about the first fan translation of a work, because every translator is a creator of content. When you read this translation, you are not reading Sakurasou. You are reading a translation of Sakurasou; you are reading an interpretation of a text, and not the text itself. The text belongs to someone else, but the translation is our own work, a creation of our own minds and our own personalities. So do not cheapen that by taking translators for granted, as just inanimate machines that crap out English when you feed them Japanese. Let us take pride in our work, for God’s sake.

Which brings me to my point. No, I do not feel like I am being redundant by translating Sakurasou when a translation is already ongoing at Baka-Tsuki. And no, I don’t think my translation should have any effect on the people translating over at Baka-Tsuki. I have the right to produce my own content, just as they have the right to produce theirs.

But most importantly, and I say this in full awareness of how it may sound arrogant, I am confident that I can produce a translation that is more accurate and reads better in English. This is not only because I am translating from the original Japanese and not an already-translated copy, but just because I have extensive experience in English composition. And if you take issue with that, then I honestly don’t know what to tell you. Why are you reading these in the first place?

Ultimately, I respect what the folks over at Baka-Tsuki are doing (for Sakurasou and for LNs in general), and wish them Godspeed. But I will not stop this translation. It would take a full-blown apocalypse to stop me, and unfortunately, the Mayans already blew their chance on that one.

37 thoughts on “Just to Make Myself Clear

  1. I really don’t know what’s going on, but since you have been doing a great job with Oreimo and co-exist perfectly with B-T, I don’t see any reason for you to drop this project. Please don’t let these words bring you down, you know there are a lot of us who supporting this project, right?

    P/s: as you may notice, English isn’t my mother tongue therefore reading a translation with smoother English is much better for me and I do prefer your interesting notes πŸ˜€

    • No worries. As I said in the post, I have no plans to stop whatsoever. I just wanted to get this out there as a blanket response to the comments I’ve been getting, so I don’t have to reply to each and every one of them individually.

  2. You mean that there are pricks who complain about what they get for free? who in their right minds would do such a thing? it’s stupid, and illogical…. oddly enough, I feel as though I just perfectly described 95% of the human race

    • So long as “complaining” isn’t being confused with “critiquing,” which is a good thing when it’s constructive and valid. Yes, even when it’s for free. If someone is offering free ice cream cones with a scoop that has fungus on it you’re not going to happily accept one, you’ll tell them to clean their damn scoop or get a new one. It’s not illogical at all to point out the quality of a poor tl group’s output and recommend recruiting someone who is both educationally qualified and speaks English as their first language to proof for them.

      Now, to cover my ass, these translations are very good with very few errors and I have never had any problems with NanoDesu’s choices of series. In general though, there are so many tl groups out there who aren’t competent in either language but still run by your mentality of ‘take what we gift you or have nothing’ and as such react almost violently to any criticism against them. I’ve dealt with these types a lot, and things like that never improve the standards of the overall community and usually lead to an oversaturation of really low quality work that’s somehow treated as a new standard.

      After a lot of time dealing with both sides of this, I honestly think it’s much better if some people are griping about a good tl doing a series than having to deal with swarms of people rushing to defend a horrible tl when someone calls them out on it.

      • Hey, I’m all for constructive criticism too. It’s why I have a team of editors who I take very seriously. The comments I’ve been getting are more along the lines of “Booo you should do X instead since BT is already doing Sakurasou. You’re wasting time *whine whine whine.*” No constructive content there.

  3. What?
    Ive waiting sonce november for the vowting to end, when it has finally ended and now i know someone respectable is going to translate the goddamnned light novel of my fave anime, a website a takes the entire world wide time to upload the novel volumes is against? If they say that again to you i will kill myself!
    Btwwww thanks a loooot for doing this you are my hero dude

    • Thanks for the support. But please don’t hold this against BT – this in no way reflects the opinions of the BT community as a whole, and I respect that community very much. These were just the opinions of a few misguided readers, and it’s those readers I’m responding to.

  4. Arrogant as hell but pretty badass. The series you chose was influenced by the voting right? Then that means that the visitors of your page feels that you translating this project is worthwhile. The complainers are peobably worried about the delicate feelings of the translator over at BT. Well, if another translator was enough to stop him from translating, then maybe he wasn’t interested enough in the first place.

  5. Hey NanoDesu, as one of the translators at BakaTsuki working on Sakurasou, I wish you all the best as well. I know that my English and my choice of words are inferior to someone like you who have a greater experience in translating. Don’t take it to your heart about what the comments say, because at the end of the day, they’re mostly leechers who doesn’t know anything about all the efforts that a translator puts into a work. Heck, even I wasn’t aware until I actually started to translate.

    Anyway, to sum it up, I wish you the best in your translations and I just want to let you know that you’re doing a great job at it.

    P.S- Just to justify myself, I started to translate Sakurasou before I was even aware about your poll so please don’t think ill of me.

      • Thanks alot for translating this series! You guys are heroes! I can’t express my gratitude enough! Thanks you so much for all the hardwork you guys put in to translate something for the joy of everyone else! Even though I can’t give you guys anything except my thanks and respect, I sincerely hope you guys won’t be brought down by those stupid hate comments and continue the good work!

  6. “and unfortunately, the Mayans already blew their chance on that one.” I smiled at that.

    Best of luck translating this.

    Also do you know of Ben-to? It’s a pretty interesting LN series.

  7. if you give a hand to someone, they will want the arm.
    I agree with you and don’t be bothered by the leechers, most of these should be the ones who didn’t vote for sakurasou.
    Good luck with all your projects and sorry for my bad english.

  8. what the fuck wrong with the guys who want you to drop the projecct.. don’t be bothered with them and keep strong and good luck in 2013

  9. totally, totally right!
    your reasoning is flawless and that writing style of yours is really cathing! I can only agree with you and after reading that post i surely cannot wait to read your translations ( I really wish i would’ve your writing skills, they would really help in my english advcanced course x) ). Btw can someone learn getting a better style?

  10. He’s right of course, but picking up 3rd project, when first two are already half-dead just, likem ya know, doesn’t sit right.

    • Where are you getting that the other two projects are half-dead? I thought it was clear that it was impossible for me to work on them until January due to circumstances at school.

  11. I just started to read the series, and don’t know what the whole row is about, but I like to ask you. Instead of two teams doing same project separately, can they not work together, would take large load off them, and benefit the readers for whom they are working so hard?

    • If some readers care so much about speed that they’re willing to deal with a hit in either consistency or quality, then no, those are not the readers I am working hard for.

      • Your choice. I enjoy this translations and my thanks to all of them. But as a ‘reader’, I am unaware of all the problems you go through. My suggestion was not regarding speed of translation, but the work load ‘of the translators’ too. It is your choice in the end. Any ways, thank you for your hard work!

  12. uhh.. so i have been reading this light novel on Baka-tsuki and for volume 1 they are missing chapter 2. I found this page saw you have V.1 Ch.2 so i was pleased.. saw this posts and read till addressing comments personally, then i skipped to the end to see you say: “But I will not stop this translation. It would take a full-blown apocalypse to stop me, and unfortunately, the Mayans already blew their chance on that one.” To tell you the truth i dont think i could be any happier you said that! So totally Keep at it, yeah you may be behind them but at least your going in order and everything looks nice and clean! /applause.

  13. I do a few transcriptions/arrangements of anime music every now and then, which is nothing compared to the size and scope of what you’re doing. So much respect for you and other translators for bringing light to the rest of us. I’m trying to teach myself Japanese so I can contribute back. It may be thankless at times but it’s so fulfilling in the end.

  14. dont mind about that…

    read different translation give different imagination for reader ^^, iam always follow its update ^^

    thank for your hard work… ^^

  15. If only I have money, I will pay you for all the effort that you are giving translating the LN’s. Too bad I don’t have any. A sorry and a big thank you with lots of appreciation is the only thing I can give. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your translations. God bless πŸ˜€

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